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M. Lutfi Chakim was born in Indonesia, 8 September. He has a Bachelor of Laws degree, concentrating in constitutional law. 

Right after he got LL.B, he joined the Judicial Commission of Indonesia (KY-RI) as a Commissioner Assistant. He also has experience working as a Researcher at the Constitutional & Electoral Reform Center (CORRECT / ex. CETRO).

Presently, he is a Researcher at the Constitutional Court of Indonesia (MK-RI) and also a Master's Candidate at Seoul National University (SNU), Republic of Korea.

During his study period in Korea, he is also conducting research at the Association of Asian Constitutional Courts and Equivalent Institutions (AACC), Secretariat for Research and Development, which part of the Constitutional Court of Korea. His research interests lie in comparative constitutional law and international human rights. He has published in a range of Indonesian journals, including Constitutional Journal and RechtsVinding Journal, and dozens of articles have published in Indonesian Constitutional Court Magazine.

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- Scopus ID: 57211914660 
- Google Scholar: M. Lutfi Chakim 

If you need my resume, it is available upon request. Please contact me here

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