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-       Association of Asian Constitutional Courts and Equivalent Institutions: Judicial Dialogue and Promoting Human Rights in Asia,” the 10th Anniversary Annual Conference, the Japan Chapter of the Asian Society of International Law, Meiji Gakuin University, Tokyo (14 July 2019)

-       A Comparative Perspective on Constitutional Complaint: Discussing Models, Procedures, and Decisions,” the 2nd Indonesian Constitutional Court International Symposium (ICCIS), Yogyakarta (October 2018)

-       A Topic on the Advisability to Adopt the Constitutional Complaint in Indonesia,” Comparative Public Law Dinner Meeting (CPLM), Seoul (30 November 2018)

-       The Indonesian Constitutional Court System and Major Cases,” Comparative Constitutional Law Study Group, the Constitutional Court of Korea (2 May 2018)

-       The Indonesian Constitutional Court: History, Organization, Jurisdictions, and Justices,” AACC Secretariat for Research and Development, Seoul (28 March 2018)

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